This San Francisco Fine Dining Restaurant Creates Stunning Dishes — All For Dogs

If you’ve ever wanted to have your furry friend join you while you were out for a fancy dinner, then listen up. Dogue, a new restaurant in San Francisco offers up high end French pastries and nouveau cuisine dishes all designed for your doggo to enjoy. As you walk in, you’ll notice the selection of patisserie quality baked goods in bright colors that are beautifully coordinated. These pastries come with fine dining price tags as well, as a bite sized dessert starts at $15 apiece.

Dogue Offers Up High Dining Options For Dogs

In addition to sweet options, there are also savory pastries that include the photogenic Red Rose which is made up of pastured cream, beetroot powder, and the very dog-friendly antelope heart. There’s also a spirulina and pulled pork pastry that your dog will likely swallow up in a second.

Dogue also offers up individualized meal plans you can design for your dog as well as “Dogguccinos.” Each Sunday, there is a $75 three course tasting menu available for your furry best friend as well.

Chef and owner Rahmi Massarweh shared with Food & Wine that dogs can dine in house on Sundays during the “Bone Appetit Cafe” service. The tasting menu consists of an organic chicken skin waffle with a coconut charcoal custard and an organic chaga mushroom soup as staters, and a grass-fed steak tartare with quail egg and organic broccoli sprouts for the main.

Dogue Founder And Chef Rahmi Massarweh

After Massarweh, who is classically trained in French cuisine, adopted his first dog Grizzly, a Mastiff, he started making pet-focused meal prep, which is how he started making “small batch artisanal food” for Grizzly. Shortly after, he began to offer these meal preps for other dog owners. He now is an owner of four dogs total and offers up meal plans to anyone who’d like a raw ingredient based plan for their dog.

Massarweh assures pet owners that the food is safe and healthy for the dogs, telling Food & Wine: “Our recipes have been developed over the course of 12 years with our vets, and we don’t serve anything we wouldn’t feed to our own dogs.”

High End Pastries For Dogs

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Dogue is the only high-end restaurant that is for only dogs. However, there are other places in the area that offer up some doggie-friendly options. For example, Lazy Dog provides space for dogs to eat on the patio and meal options including grilled chicken with rice, grilled hamburger patty and rice, and just a bowl of brown rice.

Haute Dog Cuisine At Dogue